The Best Quality reproduction SMITHS Speedo & Tacho Cables for your Vintage Ride
Custom Made Speedometer & Tachometer Cables for Motorcycles & Automobiles
Using NOS Fittings & Original SMITHS Presses and Dies
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SMITHS Speedometer Repair, SMITHS Tachometer Repair, SMITHS Chronometric Repair, SMITHS Magnetic Repair.

SMITHS & JAEGER Motorcycle Instruments Repaired or Full Restoration.                      
Motorcycle Instrument Cores Purchased. Chrono Repair, Magnetic Repair.
We are only equipped to repair motorcycle instruments.
SMITHS instruments were the best. Don't settle for a reproduction.
We can repair or restore your SMITHS Chronometric or SMITHS Magnetic motorcycle instrument to new appearance and
proper working condition. We provide top quality workmanship.
Our restorations and repairs of SMITHS Speedometers and SMITHS Tachometers and are backed by a one year limited warranty.
Instruments are calibrated to function as they should. Custom calibration is available to both chrono and magnetic instruments.
We service both SMITHS magnetic instruments and SMITHS chronometric instruments.
At VBC we have the SMITHS factory tooling, extensive NOS parts inventory and factory technical manuals that originated
from SMITHS International North America. We have 2 original SMITHS bezel presses.
Odometers can be left with original mileage or returned to zero.
We use your original instrument face when possible and have hundreds of both NOS and used faces as well as quality reproductions.
JAEGER Speedo's and JAEGER Tach's also repaired.
Chronometric instruments are found on motorcycles up until 1962-63. From 1964 onwards most SMITHS instruments were magnetic.
Professionally restored instruments can add both value and visual appeal to your motorcycle.
Properly functioning instruments contribute to the safe operation of your motorcycle.
Email: with questions or for a quote.
Restoration Prices (CAN):
  • SMITHS Magnetic Instrument Restoration, $250 exchange plus postage.
  • SMITHS Chronometric Instrument Restoration, $400 exchange plus postage.
  • 10% discount for a pair.
  • Return postage calculated on individual basis.
 Restoration prices are for full restoration. NO extra costs for replacement parts.
 Restoration includes the movement overhauled and calibrated. All repairs and parts included in price.
 Refinished canister inside and out, new glass, bezel and seals.
 New rubber isolation mounts and trip meter decal (magnetic instruments).
 Mileage counter wheels refinished or replaced.
 New trip meter stem (all speedometers) and new bulb holder on chronometric instruments.
 Face and pointer are refinished or replaced. New case nuts and screws.
 Exchange Instruments must be salvageable (no dents in case, rust through etc.). Condition of glass, face or bezel does not matter.
 Exchange unit does not need to be a match for the instrument you require but must be magnetic for magnetic or chronometric for chronometric.
 Custom calibration available.

Smiths Instrument repair quoted on an individual basis.

Repair costs are typically 75% of full restoration cost. (i.e. $175 magnetic, $300 chronometric).
Repairs typically consist of cleaning, repairing, lubricating and calibrating your instrument.
On magnetic instruments, new glass, bezel, seals, trip meter decal, and rubber isolation mounts are used.
Case, pointer and face refinishing is NOT included.
Turn around is typically less than a week.
ALL instruments are repairable. Prices quoted accordingly.
We can match your motorcycle to the exact instrument it was meant to have.

RE 8 Instruments: It is rare that I pay anyone to do something for me!  I am hard to please and am usually disappointed.  I’ve been telling myself all day waiting to pick up the box to just be happy with what I get from you and move on.  Well, I am elated with what you did!  They are beautifully restored! Thank you, and feel free to quote me! G.M.

The speedometer and cable arrived today. I installed both immediately and am elated to report that the kit works perfectly -- and the clock looks as new, too! C.R.
The instruments arrived today.  They are PERFECT, absolutely beautiful!  Thanks so much.  D.V.

Items arrived safe and sound and all I can say is "Wow"!  B.R.

Superlative craftsmanship! Very pleased with the look and finish. Thank you very much for a job well done. W.E.
The package arrived safe and sound.  It looks beautiful!  Now I'm going to have to paint the bike. :} Thank you very much!!  M.T.

I received the package on Wednesday.  You’ve done a superb job on the restoration.  It is absolutely stunning.  G.H.

I received the gauges today. Best XXX bucks i've spent in a long time. They look great., thanks again.  D.G.

Received both instruments today...... they look excellent.  G.T.
I received this morning the tacho…Everything in this deal was absolutely perfect !!! And the tacho is incredibly beautiful !!!  P.F.
Beautiful : Thanks for the great job and wonderful service.  P.B.
The tachometer has arrived.    It is beautiful.  J.M.

SMITHS Speedometers for Sale, SMITHS Tachometers for Sale.

These are fully restored inside and out and come with a limited 1 year warranty. 
We have SMITHS magnetic instruments for motorcycles for sale at a cost of $300.
We have SMITHS chronometric instruments for motorcycles for sale for a cost of $650.
Chronometric cores are becoming a rare commodity. Anti clockwise add $100.
We have approximately 400 cores in stock but very few anticlockwise.
SMITHS "D" shape restored speedometers also available for sale for a cost of $500. 
10% discount for a pair.
RSM2001/02 NOS SMITHS Tachometer
60 mm, 12,000 RPM, 4-1 Ratio  
71-72, 25SS Blazer, 25T Blazer, Trail, Bandit.

We purchase SMITHS Magnetic Instrument cores and SMITHS Chronometric Instrument cores for motorcycles.

Contact us with any inquiries.
We accept credit cards through PayPal or by phone.
GST added to sales within Canada.
We are the SMITHS motorcycle instrument repair center for all Canadian dealers of vintage British motorcycle parts.

RSM 3003/15SSM 4003/00SSM 5007/02ASSM 5001/05RSM 3003/06RC95S467RC1307RSM 3005/00A

Instrument Parts for Sale

We have available for sale chronometric bezels (plain and flanged), trip meter stems (magnetic and chrono), chrono bulb holders,
and trip meter decals (magnetic speedometers).
We do not sell any other parts.
Our work is covered by a one year limited warranty.
If the instrument fails during this time, return it to us and will make it right.
Warranty excludes accident damage, tampering and damage caused by excessive cable length.

From an original SMITHS service bulletin.

Smiths Original Equipment for Motorcycles

The following is for the benefit of partskeepers and mechanics engaged in service work:-

1. Tachometers and Speedometers

The principle on which these instruments operate is as follows:-

A cam shaft is driven by a friction clutch via the main instrument drive shaft.
Attached to the cam shaft is an escapement (as used in watches) which ensures that at all speeds at which the instrument is designed to operate, the speed of the cam shaft is constant.
The pointer spindle is linked to the cam shaft by what is known as an integrator wheel, and a series of delicate cams and rocker arms, with the result that the pointer takes up a position
corresponding to the number of revolutions the drive shaft has made during a pre-determined period. It is this principle which causes the pointer to operate in a series of steps and it must be
appreciated that this apparently "jerky" motion is a vital characteristic of the chronometric instrument. Incidentally, this principle is one that gives the highest possible degree of accuracy
and reliability. Bearing these points in mind, it will readily be appreciated that this type of unit should only be repaired by highly qualified mechanics, hence we cannot too strongly urge how
important it is, in order to ensure customer satisfaction, that these units, should not be entrusted to anyone but ourselves for repair.
2. Flexible Drives
Our flexible drives are made to the high standard of accuracy required by our instruments, and we must emphasis that no flex comparable (in diameter, in particular) is available in this
market, except form this Plant. Fitting a spurious inner flex can easily ruin the instrument.